Introduction Conversation

In our first meeting, we’ll listen and understand what you’d like to accomplish.  We’ll clarify your intentions and then propose whether we are the right advisor for you and your family.


Clarification & Organization

In our second meeting, we’ll seek clarification on your expectations and intentions and rank order them from most important to least important.  Once we have an accurate understanding of your assets, liabilities, and cash flow, we’re in a position to work together and move forward.


Thoughtful Planning

We assess all expectations and intentions to confirm reasonableness of achieving.  As fiduciaries, we’ll explain the benefit and reasoning for the strategies and options we recommend as well as insight for expectations and obstacles on your “path ahead” to help you understand what is possible and what is avoidable.


Funding Your Solutions

We help you reallocate your savings to accomplish your expectations and intentions.  The pace and process of reallocating your savings is decided by you and we’ll work together to fund as agreed and will communicate progress.  We set expectations for on-going reviews and service to you.


Ongoing Support & Advice

We supervise your solutions and advise you as agreed upon in funding stage. We ask that you keep us informed and up to date on life events as they occur.  This helps us provide advice to address solutions for the life event. We are proactive in reaching out whenever we believe you should know about something that is happening “out there” that may affect you or your strategies. We are always available whenever you feel a conversation would be helpful.